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Impact Finance specialises in all types of home loans. We recognise that each client has specific needs in relation to their finance. We strive to meet those unique requirements through our combined knowledge and expertise gained from over 75 years hands-on experience in the mortgage and finance industry.

We make the complex simple.

How we can help

At Impact Finance Pty Ltd, our goal is to help you reach your potential, whether you are just getting started, building your wealth, preparing for retirement or enjoying life after work.

You want to buy your dream home, expand your family and grow your wealth.
It’s time to pay down debt, protect your wealth and grow your assets.
You want to be confident that you will have enough money to enjoy life after work.
You would like to leave a legacy for your kids and ensure you don’t run out of money.

We make the complex simple.

Your local finance partners

We can help you:

  • find the right home loan for your first property purchase
  • refinance your existing debt
  • consolidate your overall debt including personal loan or credit card debt reducing your interest charges
  • access the equity in your home for investment purposes increasing your market exposure and potential earnings
  • help finance your next development project

Our Customer Service promise:

  • Anticipate and identify needs
  • To listen to our clients
  • Not to make promises we can’t keep
  • To answer the phone with a smile
  • Deal with complaints
    Take the blame
  • Help you to understand our processes
  • To always be helpful
    Offer something extra
  • Ask for feedback

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Kind words from our clients


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Finance Consultant

Dean is Brisbane born & bred, again, respected by his colleagues & clients. He also has had a lengthy career in finance. 21 years with NAB of which the last 8 he was a Brisbane based ‘Business Banking Manager’ specialising in commercial & business finance.

With his expertise in this area he will provide you with all your business & personal finance needs, taking your case to one of many business lenders with whom he is accredited.

Dean prides himself on maintaining a close relationship with all his clients & providing them with his continued support & ongoing business solutions.

Jane Brown

Head Accountant

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